Oxygen is MAGIC!

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Oxygen is Magic!

This video describes the properties of oxygen and how important oxygen is for the human body system. Oxygen is quite likely the most vital element required to keep the human body functioning, and functioning at its optimal capacity. This lesson describes in simple fifth-grade scientific terms the properties of OXYGEN and how it performs in the human body.

Take a deep breath. Take another one. And why not, just because, take one more. Ahhh.

The air travels through your nose, down your throat and fills your lungs. All along the way, tiny mechanisms are at work to clean and filter the air. Then, your lungs feed your heart with fresh oxygen, and your heart pumps the vital life force through your bloodstream to feed your brain, organs, muscles, tissues, and bones. Within the span of one simple inhale, you have provided nourishment to your entire body. You breathe all day long, every breath bringing volumes of vital life force energy to your system. While food is important, it really only provides you with 10% of the fuel you need and BREATH brings you the other 90%!

Physiologically, a deep breath slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. At the same time, a deep breath gives you a shot of energy, a quick dose of super-charged fuel to get your through whatever you need to do, RIGHT NOW. A deep breath both calms you and energizes you.

You breathe all day long. Every breath provides your body with energy in the form of oxygen that is circulated through your entire body via your bloodstream. On the other hand, you only eat at certain times a day, and when you eat, your body must consume energy in order to convert food into energy. Therefore, 80-90% of energy comes from breath while only 10-20% of energy comes from food. The more you breathe, with better efficiency and fullness, the more energy you have to supply your daily life activities. 

Benefits of Focused Breathing

·      Lowers the heart rate

·      Decreases blood pressure

·      Relaxes muscle tension

·      Cleans, filters, warms and humidifies air

·      Calms the nervous system

·      Oxygenates the body

·      Decreases infections and bacteria

·      Improves immune function

·      Removes toxins from the body

·      Aids in digestion

·      Enhances circulation

·      Quiets the mind

·      Calms the nerves

·      Decreases anxiety

·      Improves focus

·      Slows the thoughts

·      Promotes clarity

·      Increases awareness

·      Stabilizes emotions

·      Releases tension and stress

·      Lowers impulse reactivity

·      Provides time to process a situation



Oxygen is MAGIC! Video

Oxygen is the LIFE of the PARTY! 

·      Clears the Dance Floor

·      Super Energetic

·      Makes Friends with EVERYONE!

Oxygen takes up SPACE

·      BIG

·      Lots of Empty Space

·      Most abundant element on Earth

·      Third most abundant element in Universe

Oxygen is STICKY

·      Honey

·      Velcro

·      Lint-Roller

·      Vacuum

·      Cleansing

·      Purifying


  • Highly Reactive
  • Combustible
  • Electrons Spin VERY FAST

Oxygen is HEALING