Journal Reflection

Journaling Reflection Questions

These are questions for your own reference to help you gauge your current state. We will revisit these questions in the review portion of this course where you can compare your answers as a sort of pre-test/post-test.

  • When in your life do you wish you had more energy? 
  • When do you feel the most tired? Even when you have had enough food and rest? 
  • Where in your body do you feel tension and stress that you wish you could calm and relax? 
  • What times in your life do tension and tightness make your body feel restricted so much that you don’t have the energy to do what you want to do? 
  • What body parts of yours sometimes feel pain? Regularly? Right now? 
  • Where in your body do you typically carry your stress? 
  • What parts of your body sometimes or often feel tight or tense? 
  • If you feel physically unwell, is it usually a headache? Back ache? Stomachache? Breathing issue? Other? Explain.
  • How aware of you of your breathing patterns? 
  • How deep is your breath? How full is your breath? 
  • How long is your breath? 
  • When do you stop to take deep breaths? 
  • When should you stop to take deep breaths? 
  • Do you practice breathing in any form? 
  • How do you feel when you get a long full deep breath? 
  • When in your life do you think you could benefit from becoming more aware of your breathing?