Course Overview

Course Description

Your bones, tissues, muscles, organs, etc. make up your physical anatomy, and your chakras (energy centers), nadis (energy channels) and auras (energy field outside the body) make up your energetic anatomy. The physical and energetic work together to create the whole. This program teaches the interconnectedness of your experience in a human body as it relates to the natural ecosystem of the world. 

Explore the seven major chakras of your energetic body and how they align with seven components of your physical body anatomy and how they reflect and embody seven elements of the natural world.

Course Objectives – Knowledge Based

For each of the seven major chakras, you will learn

  • Sanskrit name & definition
  • Physical body parts & anatomy
  • Natural element 
  • Symptoms of dysfunction

Course Objectives – Performance Based

For each of the seven major chakras, you will practice

  • a 10-15 minute yoga practice to exercise each chakra as it relates to the natural element.
  • a 10-minute guided meditation integrating each of the seven elements (earth, water, fire, air, mineral, nature, spirit) with your body and chakras.
  • a simple body posture and alignment teaching anatomy & physiology of the body parts related to each of the seven chakras and seven natural elements.
  • activate the natural element healing properties of each of the seven major chakras with a simple body posture exercise.

*A Note to the Reader

When I was a little girl and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said that I wanted to write. Being a big Nancy Drew fan, I wanted to write my own sort of mystery novels. In adolescence, I discovered my gifts and talents in the kaleidoscopic laser light world of auras and chakras and spirituality. Little did I know back then that I would be writing about the mysteries of the human body and energetic anatomy. 

Fast forward two decades and one Master’s Degree in Teaching later, I sat down and wrote Yoga Roots: An Elemental Guide to the Chakras.

That was in 2012, and I was inspired by Apple’s launch of iBooks for the iPad. The platform offered the opportunity to combine my love of writing and spiritual energetics with my passion for interactive educational exercises and experiences. In just under a month, and one extended weekend retreat away in a Wabasha MN condo, I produced this little Yoga Roots iBook complete with guided meditation audio files, touch and drag interactive features, and several short video lessons. It was funky. It was fun. 

And like Apple’s iBooks, it didn’t take off.

But it did deposit in the palm of my hand some magic beans of ideas. Half-a-blink later, I found myself gazing into the crystal-like shimmers of the beans and they showed me potential for a ever-growing beanstalk online university filled with dozens of my curricular programs and courses. So, I set about the daunting task of tilling the soil, because even beanstalks don’t grow all by themselves.

Five years I’ve been dreaming about planting these beans and launching this Muchness Library and Wellness University. Despite many efforts over the years, I hadn’t found the right soil for them. I tried several online learning management systems. I even tried hiring (and paying way too much) web developers to create one specifically catered to my needs. These seeds are precious. And I learned the hard way that they required a very special recipe of environmental ingredients. The beans spit back at me grumbling and mumbling every step of the way through WordPress and PayPal. They jumped right out of the soil when I offered them Kajabi and laughed at me like I was crazy when I suggested Moodle. Fortunately for me, each time I tried to plant a bean and had to dig it back up to replant somewhere else, it didn’t suffer any root-shock. Rather, I found it had multiplied, creating new iterations and variations and creations of itself, as well as babies that look little to nothing like their parents, with coloring and textures all their own. My stash of magic beans filled several little velvet pouches, and the lab notes on their traits and behaviors and lessons and learnings scribbled through dozens of leather bound journals.

This past year, finally, almost by accident I stumbled across the just right platform . . . or rather, a collection of platforms. Seems the magic beans wanted a terraced garden! So, for the last several months, I have been redesigning my website to match the specifications of this garden and all the layers it requires. From Instagram and Facebook and Twitter, to Wix and Stripe and Podbean, to Teachable and Patreon and WebinarJam, the scaffolding has been built, the pots have been nested, and the irrigation systems have been constructed. While I still need to experiment with the sunlight exposures, I am ready to begin the fun process of dropping the seeds into the pots and watching how they sprout, fruit and flower. 

And you, as my early adopters, get to help me see how they produce. You get to tell me how the fruit tastes, and share with me which flowers draw your eyes the most. Some of you have followed me from the very beginning and have been waiting as impatiently as I have. Some of you have tuned in from time to time just wondering. And yet others are relatively new to my space excited to see what is here. I welcome each and every one of you. All at the right and perfect time. 

The right and perfect time. . .

I’m glad you’re here. 

Thank you for joining me.