Meet TeriLeigh - Your Trainer

Hi. I’m TeriLeigh. I love yoga. I practice almost every day, first thing in the morning. My husband, not so much. When we first met, he told me it would be highly unlikely that I would ever get him to do yoga. I did get him to go to a partner yoga class for Valentine’s Day one year. He says that counts as highly unlikely. 

You see, he doesn’t like exercise. He doesn’t even like to go for a walk, unless there is a purpose to his destination. Walking the dog is not enough of a purpose. But walking to work, well, evidently that counts. Yet, he believes he is in Ninja Warrior Training…even though he doesn’t like to fight either. Sometimes I catch him on the living room floor doing all kinds of things he says are part of his Stealth Combat Fighter Protocol. He also sometimes calls himself Normal Man. And other times, he calls himself Awkward Man. I can’t really keep track of which is which, when, or why. I don’t argue. Rather, I just say, “yes, honey,” like any loving wife would.

What he doesn’t know is that on the guise of this Ninja Warrior Training, I have been able to trick him into doing yoga. He calls me his Trainer, and he does yoga moves without really knowing they are yoga. For example, he looks for lost items underneath the couch (thread the need pose), or he looks for gum on the underside of the table (chair twist pose).

He so enjoys his training sessions that he has even made up some of his own maneuvers. He does something he calls hand moves and something called the happy bowl which makes him giggle, a lot. He says he is very good at crawling noiselessly across carpet and wood floors. Given that the other day I discovered his staring up at me from under the kitchen table, I am inclined to agree with him.

One morning, I asked him to make a video of one of his training sessions. The one video has since turned into several mini-ninja-lessons. I find that his insights are not only hilarious, but also rather brilliant. In fact, sometimes his descriptions of his trainings are so enlightening that I wonder if maybe he may have a better understanding of yoga than I do. I took the time to organize his videos into this program, a nice little collections of mini-practices. 


Don’t call them yoga practices.

They are Ninja Warrior Training Sequences!